Cats Playing with Eggs?! Meet Smoothie & Milkshake!

The cats playing with eggs are Smoothie and Milkshake. They are both British Longhair cats who love to play even if it’s with eggs.

The first thing that might cross your mind is “How can they play with the eggs without breaking them?” There is nothing to worry about. The eggs are not real they are just egg cat toys. If they were real their owner would most likely have a big mess to clean up after them.

Smoothie doesn’t seem to be impressed with the eggs, but Milkshake on the other hand is having a blast. While Smoothie only needed a sniff to realize that she is not interested, Milkshake wants to get them out of box. Once they are out he is having tons of fun rolling them around the couch and the floor.

Aren’t they adorable?

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