Cats & Dogs Bringing Joy Back to Patients in Pet Friendly Hospitals!

Recent researches and common knowledge is that animals, pets to be precise, lower human anxiety and make pet owners feel relaxed and what’s most important, loved! The researches show that if you feel stressed out from work on a daily bases – get a pet, soldiers with PTSD- get a pet… This method turned out to be very successful. Pet friendly hospitals are the next best thing it appears, since management of these hospitals figured that pet owners that are their patient could use a little love from their pets, while staying in the hospital.

Give the patients some love…

Canadian hospital, Juravinski Hospital, allows pets to visit their human parents while they are confined in the hospital for some time. The hospital integrated a program named Zachary’s Paws of Healing after a terminal cancer patient asked to see his pet.

Ever since, animals are members of the visiting list. Pet friendly hospitals give the chance to patients and their pets to see each other once or twice a week and allow them to spend some time together.Time for healing since the doctors say that while the patients are with their pets their blood pressure is lower their heart rate is normal and indeed pets are healing their human parents.

Pet friendly hospitals are spreading all around the countries since there are solid evidence of the positive contribution to pets being with their humans. And guess what, the benefits is vice versa, the pets are happy as well to be spending some quality time with their humans, some hospital members even witness that sometimes it is even harder for the animals to leave and let go of their loved humans.

These pet friendly hospitals turned out to be a win-win thing for both patients and pets, then why not spread the word and encourage more hospitals to follow this program!

Cat time

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