Cat Travels Everywhere with Her Soldier for 4 Years!

When Sophie was just a kitten she became Julie Cordes’ closest companion. Now whenever she needs to leave for the army, the cat travels with her everywhere.

Cordes’ mother brought the kitten home and she immediately fell in love with her. The kitty really liked being with Julie and soon they became traveling buddies. Sophie lived with Julie in Illinois, Arizona, Kansas and now Maryland. Wherever Julie goes, Sophie follows.

Sophie brings her so much comfort and helps her get through all the stress that comes along the way. She is very affectionate and shows Julie that she loves her all the time. Julie was never a cat person, but Sophie completely changed her opinions about cats. She has been teaching her unconditional love and she is really happy to have such a sweet kitty always by her side.

The 4 year-old kitten has brought a lot of joy in Julie’s life and they are inseparable.


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