Cat Monopoly – the Best Board Game for All Cat Lovers!

We are all familiar with the board game that has brought families and friends together and at the same time completely torn them apart. Monopoly is just one of those games where no one can stay indifferent. For all those who are passionate about monopoly and just as passionate about cats, Cat monopoly or Cat-opoly is the perfect board game.

The rules are pretty much the same as in regular monopoly. However, instead of buying properties and building hotels, you get to buy cats. There is a variety of cat breeds from Maine Coon or Ragdoll all the way to Sphynx.

The tokens in the game of course, have been changed up a bit in order to fit the whole feline concept. You can also exchange litter boxes for fish bones. If you are lucky enough to land on catnip, you will be able to collect everything that is located in the center of the board.

If you want to play this board game with your friends and family get Cat-opoly today with 40% off the price!

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