Cat Mama Has a Wonderful Conversation with Her Baby Kitten!

In the video below you will witness a wonderful conversation between a cat mama and her little baby kitten.

Kittens are born blind and deaf. In the very beginnings they manage to communicate with their mother by purring. However, meowing also plays a very important role as they grow. This way the kittens are letting their mother know that they are receiving their milk properly. It also shows her that they need her attention. When their mama cat meows, it lets her babies know that she has arrived and that it is time for them to eat.

In this particular video it really looks like the two kitties are just having a normal care-free conversation. We can’t really know exactly what they are saying, but it is nevertheless adorable. They might just be saying how much they love each other since the cat mom even gives her baby some kisses on the head.

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