This Cat Is Living with a Crooked Jaw and It’s Proud of It!

Three years ago, in October, the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas had the most serious case. A cat came with lethal injuries that now are just one crooked jaw. The story of Duchess, a Siamese cat, is with tragic beginning and a happy ending.

Duchess was brought to the hospital after she has been hit by a car and left with serious injuries among which was the broken jaw. The doctors decided to operate her even though the chances of her survival were very poor. But Duchess had a will to live. She spent one month in the hospital with drugs and feeding tube.

After that she was adopted by one of the employees at the hospital. Even though she remained with a crooked jaw and is able to eat only a liquid food, Duchess is stronger than ever. Actually, she rules the household, which she shares with her parent and three siblings- two dogs and another cat.

Photo Credits: Duchess FB Page

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