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Bossy Cat Decided to Chill on a Sleeping Husky!

When it comes to personal space, cats are completely oblivious. However, from what we can see in this video this doesn’t only apply to our personal space. They are also completely unaware of other animals’ personal space. This cat in particular decided to randomly get comfortable and chill on top of a sleeping Husky.

The dog was absolutely relaxed and was enjoying his nap when the kitty randomly stepped in. At first, she gave Maeby a little massage before settling on top. Farina probably just wanted to make her bed more comfortable for the nap. The best part about it is that the dog didn’t mind what the kitty was doing at all. After all that’s what friends are for. Maeby didn’t even budge and Farina was able to lie down however she wants.

Farina got the warmest napping spot and we bet she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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