Cat People Are Now Obsessed with Cat Curling – the New Winter Olympics Sport!

In 1998 curling became an official part of the Winter Olympics. For 20 years people have been enjoying the sport, but many believe that it needs some sort of change. Whenever cats are included, things automatically become a thousand times better. This sport in definitely no exception to this rule. Cat curling is not an actual sport, but there is some footage showing that people have been practicing it back in the days.

Since cat curling is not a part of the Winter Olympics, people who are into it have been trying to get the needed attention. Videos of people practicing cat curling have been emerging on the Internet and people are finally giving it the recognition it deserves.

Cat Curling Is a Big Thing Now!

There are different variations of the sport. Some include cardboard boxes while others don’t even need boxes at all. The kitty nicely settled in the box clearly really enjoys the ride and is not bothered that her humans are tossing her around on the linoleum.

In this second video the kitty itself imitates the polished granite stone and has a whale of a time sliding on the floor. She enjoys it so much that she can’t stop coming back for more.

The last variation includes two humans sliding the living rock across a nicely polished wooden floor. This last kitty probably looks like the curling rock the most since he is so round.

With the right mindset and intentions hopefully this sport will take over the Winter Olympics in the future. We should be all very proud and happy that it started evolving in this day and age. It is about time for cats to start competing in winter sports and this one most likely fits them the best. Cat figure skating might never become a thing, but cat curling definitely looks very promising.

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