A Cat Chats with Her Human… See Her Reaction When He Mentions a Treat!

We might not speak the same language, but it’s nice to sometimes have a chit chat with your kitty. You’ll both be clueless about what the other is saying, but at least you’ll have some quality bonding time. Just like this cat chats with her human and we have to admit that it is pretty adorable.

Lily the cat lives in an RV with her daddy and is constantly on the road. They enjoy their adventurous lives together and in the meantime they love to talk to each other. In the video below you will see that they are really enjoying each other’s company since they have such a long talk.

It is completely irrelevant if she understands what he is saying, but we are quite sure that she knows exactly what the word treat means.

Does your cat react to certain words?

Let us know in the comments below.


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