Cat Brings Big Rat at Home! He Is Still Alive and Mom Freaks Out!

We might despise it when our cat brings us a dead animal inside the house. However, these creepy gifts our cats present for us are just a sign of love and affection. In the video below a cat brings big rat at home and her humans are completely freaked out.

People who have indoor-outdoor cats encounter dead rodents and other dead animals a little bit too often. We need to keep in mind that cats are actually natural-born hunters. Even though they might not kill their prey, they have the instinct to hunt.

The kitty named Broccoli is not an exception. His human Jessica Gottlieb was not very pleased about it. She was begging her daughter to get the cat out, but real problem arose when she saw that the rat is actually alive. Since Broccoli lost interest in it, the rat managed to get into the linen closet. We hope that they were able to take it out afterwards.

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