Get inside the Cat Boat – Amsterdam’s Beautiful Cat Sanctuary!

The story of the Cat Boat started back in 1966, when a lovely woman from Amsterdam Henriette van Weelde decided to take care of a stray cat. This act of kindness wasn’t unnoticed and people from her neighborhood began dropping off rescued cats at her doorstep.

Not having enough space at her home to take care of all the cats, Henriette decided to take the cats over to a houseboat on the Herengracht canal. She didn’t have a permit until 1987 after which the sanctuary got its official name ‘de Poezenboot’ or the Cat Boat.

Now this floating sanctuary is one of Amsterdam’s attractions and it yearly receives around 4,500 visitors. Whoever visits this place will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of around 50 cats.

Has anyone ever visited the Cat Boat?

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