This Cat Ball Pit Is the Perfect DIY Gift to Spoil Your Cat With!

We all love our cats and we want to make them happy and satisfied no matter what. We buy them toys, scratching posts and all sorts of other things they can be amused with. Cole and Marmalade’s human dad has a brilliant DIY cat ball pit that you can spoil your cat with.

You don’t need to invest a lot in this project. All you need is some cardboard boxes and colorful plastic balls. As you can see, both cats are clearly very interested in their human’s new invention.

Even though he didn’t manage to get a lot of action from the cats in the video, he suggests that you should also include treats. It definitely looks like a fun little project that cats can easily be amused with and have lots of fun.

We bet that it would be even more entertaining if you are trying to put the whole piece together with your cats by your side.

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