This Cat Is Always Hungry and Begging for Some Food!

Cats love their food as much as we do. This cat looks like she is always hungry, but knows how to beg for her food politely.

She was bought from a breeder and was supposed to have a posh name just like her mommy. Her new human however, had a different idea. Since she came from a very special family, she was also supposed to be fed only with Royal Canin. This is something that her human didn’t really like so they made a compromise. She would give her a normal name like Pocak instead of von Orchidenwald Baby Mercedes, if she is not so picky with her food.

It seems like the kitty is pretty happy with this settlement. Now she can eat anything she sets her eyes on, but only if she asks for it politely.

Isn’t she adorable?

Let us know if your cat is picky as well in the comments below.

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