Cat in Turkey Loves to Spend Time in Front of an Escalator!

A cat from Turkey has a really unique place where she loves to chill. The kitty has been spotted taking naps and relaxing in front of an escalator.

The cats from Istanbul have been slowly taking over the Internet. This kitty became popular after people posted this video of her sitting on the top of a subway exit in Taskim.

What’s special about her is that she really doesn’t mind all the people walking past her. Nor does she care that she is actually sort of blocking the exit. She is feeling very comfortable in her favorite chilling spot and if all these humans need to pass they can just go around her. The kitty has no intentions to move. The fact that you might be late for a meeting is none of her business.

She’s been chilling at the subway station since 2015 and an Istanbul resident said that the people from a bookstore inside the station feed her.

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