Black Dracula Kitten Found in Transylvania Gets Adopted

Paul White was enjoying his vacation in Transylvania, Romania and he decided to visit the famous Bran Castle. Little did he know that he is about to find a tiny Dracula kitten in the vicinity, which is going to steal his heart.

While he was taking photos of the castle, he noticed three dogs desperately trying to enter an unoccupied compound. The ferocious dogs wanted to get the little kitten, which was frightened and completely alone.

After shooing the dogs away, Paul waited for the kitten’s mom to show up, but she never did. This is when he decided to take the cutie somewhere safe and of course, adopt him. He named him Putyika and he looks exactly what you would expect a Dracula kitty to look like.

Isn’t he absolutely beautiful now?

Let us know if this kitty met your expectations in the comments below.

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