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Black Cats Don’t Get Adopted Because They Don’t Look Good in Selfies!

Black cats may have a monochrome color, but there are more stories, legends and movies about black cats than about cats with any other color. So, I think that black cats deserve a bit more respect than the hocus-pocus mediocrity. And a bit more respect than “the cat looks dull in selfies” kind of stance.

It may sound strange, but this new trend of selfies and judgmental comments about them are currently striving in every field of the society. Even when it concerns the life and well-being of a lovely black cat. It is true that black cats have been related to magic, wizardry, as bad omens and similar stuff, but that is like so out-dated. People who are parents of black cats may confirm the opposite. Black kitties may be mysterious, but they are adorable as any other feline.

However, according to Christine Bayka the magical stereotypes about black cats are no longer the problem. It’s the modern stereotypes called- the selfie-meter. The better the cat looks on the selfie, the higher the probability she will get adopted. How bizarre! Christine owns The Moggery, a cat rehoming centre, situated in Bristol. She says she has 40 felines given for adoption, all black, and no one is willing to take any of them. Why? – Bad selfies!

According to Christine people think that black cats are boring on pictures. Even though they say they are flexible when it comes to the cat’s color, it seems like that black is an exception. People would always choose a fluffy ginger or white cat over a black one. 40 black cats - no candidate for adoption, 1 fluffy white cat- 40 candidates for adoption. Just because of the selfie!

When choosing a cat, as when choosing a life partner, take into consideration the character, emotions, chemistry between you two and the behavior! Everything else is secondary! Including the color!

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