Big Cats Love Boxes as Much as Our Domestic Cats Do!

It seems like there is rarely any cat out there who doesn’t enjoy a good old cardboard box. Big cats love boxes just as much as our domestic cats do. This beautiful Canada lynx is definitely proving the world that in this case size definitely doesn’t matter.

Out in the wild box-like recesses are used by big kitties to hide from predators or to be stealthy when stalking their prey. A box can bring the big cats safety, since no one can sneak up on them. These type of places give them the opportunity to watch over the world, while being almost completely invisible.

The playful lynx Max has a lot of big cardboard boxes to play with. He clearly loves to jump in and out of them, but also curl up inside one and just chill. If the box is filled with paper, it can bring him endless entertainment.

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