Bear Survives for 2 Months with Her Head Stuck in a Bucket!

After seeing a photo of a bear with her head stuck in a bucket, Dean Horbenger and Samantha Eigenbrod decided to try to find her.

They spent 6 hours searching for the bear in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. When they finally found her, Dean tried his best to remove the tractor trailer airbag where she stuck her head. Not matter how hard he tried he was unable to remove it.

Luckily more people came to the aid. They had to pin the bear down because otherwise there was no way of her remaining still. It took them a really good while to be able to cut through it and finally set the bear free.

She miraculously survived for 2 months like this by drinking and eating from a small hole in the airbag. After removing it, they found a big amount of wet corn inside.

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