When Her Baby Kitten Is Having a Nightmare, This Mama Cat Knows What to Do

It doesn’t matter if it is an adult cat or just a tiny little baby kitten, the fact is cats love to nap. They spend a lot of time throughout the day when they are all curled up in their favorite spot sleeping. This adorable kitten was having his nap, but was unfortunately having a nightmare. His mama cat though, knew exactly how to calm him down.

Cat mothers are always amazing and doing everything they can in order to take care of their babies. When she noticed that her baby was having trouble in his sleep, she immediately stepped in. At first, she placed her paw on top of him, but since that didn’t help she then proceeded to give him hugs and kisses.

He didn’t mind that she woke him up. After all, he has the most amazing mommy in the world who only wants the best for her kitten.

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