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10+ Animal Gangsters That Are About to Have the Hottest Album Covers Ever!

Who said that animals can only be cute? If that’s what you thought as well wait and see the photos of some animal gangsters below.

Animals clearly know how to pose really well (or at least these particular ones do). They definitely don’t look like someone you want to mess around with. If it was any way possible for them to produce some music we bet they would have the sickest tracks ever. They totally look like music legends and with cover art like this it is about time we see their albums hitting the stores.

Forget about Migos and all the other popular rappers out there now. These animals are about to put everyone into the shade and steal the spotlight.

Aren’t these brilliant?

Spread the word that the hottest tracks of the year haven’t been released yet and let everyone enjoy the amazing work of art in these photos.

Source: Bored Panda

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