+20 Famous Album Covers Replaced With Cat Faces!

The Internet definitely can never get enough of cats. It looks like everything gets so much better as soon cats have been included. When you see these recreated classic album covers, which are featuring cat faces, you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Alfra Martini, who is a digital artist from Brooklyn, New York, decided to dedicate a tumblr blog to her recreated album covers called The Kitten Covers. While in the beginning she didn’t think that her work is going to go viral, we know precisely why it did.

The resemblance between the original album covers and the parody ones is uncanny. She managed to perfectly match both the colors and expressions. Of course, the fabulous covers have been praised so highly thanks to her amazing skills paired up with the Internet’s obsession with our furry friends.

Whether or not these are better than the originals is debatable, but regardless there is no denying that they are masterpieces.

Photo Credits: The Kitten Covers


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