African Grey Parrot Tells Everyone to Look Out for the Cat!

Oliver is one very smart bird that can learn a phrase in just a day. No wonder he has a lot to say. This African grey parrot tells us to look out for the cat, so he left us wondering which cat is he talking about.

He was born in 2002 and started mimicking human speech when he was around 6 months-old. Ever since, he has been imitating Jill Lang’s husband. She thinks that he has been speaking in his voice mostly because he finds him to be his only competition.

Throughout the years he has learned so many things to say, that we bet can’t fit in just one video. What’s really outstanding is that his speech is completely clear, so it is super easy to understand him. Also, his favorite phrase seems to be “Look out for the cat”.

Can your parrot say these many things?

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