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After Seeing the Adorable Kittens, Dog Decides to Become Their Dad!

When Gina decided to take care of her friend’s cat for a while, she had no idea that the kitty was not just fat. To Gina’s surprise the lovely cat Terra gave birth to seven kittens. However, Terra didn’t have to take care of these kittens all by herself since Gina’s dog decided to become their dad.

When Gina’s dog Archer, who is Weenie mix, was introduced to the kittens, Terra was already taking great care of the babies. Since she didn’t mind having him around the kittens, Archer started to take care of them as well. He would lick them, giving them little baths. He also took them on little adventures around the house, but making sure that the other dog Flash doesn’t get close to them.

Gina adopted one of the kittens named Fred who has become Archer’s best friend.

Isn’t Archer a great dad?

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