Adorable Kitten Gives Himself His First Bath! Mmm Delicious Feet…

Grooming is a natural behavior for cats. When they are not napping, they spend half of the time grooming themselves. This little kitten got his first bath and thanks to his humans we can see just how adorable it was.

We all know that kitties like to keep themselves clean and little kittens are not an exception. They want to be clean, but they also they want to remove all the smells that would make predators aware of them. By grooming themselves they keep their coat healthy since they spread their natural oils evenly across the fur.

Grooming can help our kitties relax and relieves stress. Since there is a first time to everything there is of course a first time for grooming. Baby Joe was giving himself the first bath ever and the cutie was doing a great job. At the same time he managed to look extremely adorable.

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