Adorable Chihuahua Doesn’t Want to Leave Her Previous Owner Grave!

The adorable Chihuahua called Dita was really attached to her previous owner. Unfortunately Teresa Morini’s mom passed away, but months later Dita still remembered her.

She was extremely close to her and now whenever she visits her grave she doesn’t even want to leave. According to Teresa the Chihuahua mix and her mother were inseparable. Even when her mother was in the hospital outside Albany, New York, she snuck the dog in just so she could spend some time with her.

Dita is now part of Teresa’s family and whenever she visits her mom’s grave she brings Dita with her. She thinks that it brings Dita comfort as much as it does for her. The loyal Chihuahua knows exactly how to find her way to the grave. The sweet dog always refuses to leave her previous owner side. This sweet dog will never forget her human companion.

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