Adorable Cat Wants Kisses from Her Human! She Doesn’t Give Up!

Anyone who has a cat knows that our feline companions can be really affectionate and at times desperate for attention. This particular cat wants kisses from her human and doesn’t stop until she gets as many as she wants.

Giving kisses to your cat is completely normal. However, usually we are the ones who really want to shower our kitties with kisses. This is definitely not the case with this cat. She really wants her human to pay attention to her and to give her a kiss. After placing her paw on his face, she makes him turn around and give her a smooch. One kiss was not enough though.

She continues doing the same thing in order to get more kisses. It seems like she could totally do this all day and her human doesn’t mind it at all. At the end of the day, no one can resist such a sweet and adorable kitty.

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