No One Wanted to Adopt This Special Kitten Because He Looked Funny

Zeke is a special kitten born with water on the brain and defective legs. People thought that he looks too funny and weird to adopt him.

Everything changed for little Zeke when he was 3 months-old. Nancy Lynch was the first person who thought that the little kitten is absolutely adorable. After posting photos of Zeke on Facebook, she learned about “Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society”. This organization helps poor animals with the same condition as Zeke and the team wanted to help him out. They traveled to New York where he was properly taken care of.

He got a chance to hang out with other kitties and even found a special friend with the same brain affliction. Zeke learned how to play with other cats and how to not let his disability stop him from enjoying life. The little unwanted kitten found a human who loves him and can finally live a normal life.

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