After Abandoning 35 Helpless Kittens, Woman Receives a Really Unique Sentence!

It is always good to hear that people who have mistreated animals are getting exactly what they deserve. Michael Cicconetti is a Municipal Court judge in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio and has a really unique way in which he sentences the accused. In this particular story he gave a really creative sentence to a woman who abandoned 35 helpless kittens.

Michelle M. Murray decided to get rid of all the kittens in two different parks in Ohio. Even though she was claiming that she tried to contact the local humane society since the kittens were left at her doorstep, this wasn’t true. They managed to trace the helpless kittens back to Murray because they had ID collars.

The saddest part of this story is that 9 of the kittens died dude to upper respiratory infections. However, Judge Cicconetti had the right way in which he can punish her for her actions. He even asked her how would she feel if she was abandoned like the kittens. She would be left alone in the middle of a park without knowing when she would receive her next meal while listening to horrible sounds and feeling scared.

Abandoning Helpless Kittens Is Punishable!

Murray had to make a choice between two sentences. One was going to jail for 90 days for domestic animal abandonment. Her other choice was 14 days in jail, 15 days under house arrest, a $3,200 donation to the Humane Society and a $500 donation for the rangers who found the helpless kittens. On top of this she had to spend one night alone in the woods.

Since she chose the latter she was left in the woods where she was only allowed to build a fire because it was very cold. In order to learn her lesson she didn’t have any food nor water and nothing she could entertain herself with.

Hopefully this taught her something and she will have a different approach towards animals in the future. To see the rest of the creative punishments handed out by Judge Michael Cicconetti watch the video below.

Source: ABC News

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