These 8 Years Old Ragdoll Cats Find This Packing Paper Quite Amusing…

Cats are very curious and playful animals. These two Ragdoll cats definitely know how to easily have fun.

Little kittens might be considered to be a lot more silly when it comes to playing than adult cats. Sometimes it seems like adult cats only like to nap and rest and are not really interested in anything. That is not really true though. Adult cats love to play just as much as kittens do. They love to be goofy and silly and these two 8 year-old cats are a living proof.

Cats can make any object entertaining and everything can easily become their toy. They can clearly be easily amused even by packing paper. These two Ragdolls are having a blast with it as if they are playing with some really expensive cat toys.

Do you think your cat can find packing paper amusing?

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