6 Most Common Jobs Working Dogs Do!

While most of us are used to having our cute furry friends as loyal buddies and amazing companions, besides being our best friends, dogs have a big variety of jobs which require a lot of responsibility and training and none of them includes playing fetch. We present you six of the most common jobs that working dogs do:

1. Show Dogs

Some might think that all one needs to do is walk his freshly groomed dog around the ring, but being a show dog demands a lot more than just that. Show dogs undergo a lot of training and have to be on their best behavior while being in the spotlight. Another place where they have to behave is at the pet groomers, where they end up spending a good amount of time getting ready to look fabulous for their show.

Photo Credits: Rollan Budi

2. Many Working Dogs Are Movie Stars

Making a list of movies that have a dog as the main character can turn out to be quite long. We have been countless times entertained by dogs playing different roles on the big screen. Their versatility can go from family movies like “Beethoven”, to heartbreaking stories such as “Hachiko” and we even see them in action and crime movies like “K-9”. These stars earn their respective roles and fame with a lot of hard work and training.

3. Guide and Assistance Dogs

This might be the first thing we think of when it comes to jobs for dogs. It varies from the disabilities of their owners, but they help with their daily tasks. There are guide dogs for visually impaired, those with hearing loss and assistance dogs for the physically handicapped.

4. Therapy Dogs

Photo Credits: Marvin Kuo

Doesn’t it make us happy having our dog around? These therapy dogs basically serve to make people happy, to make them feel better and cheer them up, to comfort them. They are used in nursing homes, hospitals and individually in stressful situations.

5. Herding Dogs

If you’re an owner of a farm and you’re an owner of a dog, then it is most likely that your dog has a full time job. Herding dogs have the responsibility of keeping control over the livestock. Not every dog can be a herding dog, there are special breeds of dogs for this purpose and also different breeds have different herding jobs.

6. Police and War Dogs

Photo credits: US Navy

Referred to respectively as the K-9 Units and the K-9 Corps police and war dogs will probably make us think of an amazingly trained German shepherd. Even though German shepherds working dogs are trained to be police and war dogs, there are plenty of other breeds that protect us from crime and help the soldiers during war, whether that means delivering messages, attacking enemies or detecting mines.

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Featured image credits: Sue Krawczyk

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