5 Tips for Managing Multiple Pets at Home Like a Pro!

Having multiple pets at home tells a lot about how lovely and caring you are. Therefore, we share with you several life hacks that will make things run smoother.

1. Bringing Your New Pet

The first thing to do when you bring the new pet is to leave it in its crate so the other pet will get used to the idea that you brought someone else in the house! Do not let them be alone. Don’t give them a reason to hiss and bark since they will go through phase one – getting to know each other! Hopefully this may take an hour, but really usually takes longer.

The second phase they’ll be going through is - I will let you live here, but stay away – phase from the host pet. And the third phase is getting along and bonding phase, which sometimes can never really happen! But don’t get discouraged. To make things go smoothly let them sniff each other, but don’t let them touch physically, you are allowed to do this once you notice that there is no tension between the pets, even so – do not leave them alone! It may take some time before you leave the pets all by themselves in the house, but it is worth waiting for.

2. Feeding Time…

If your multiple pets include cats and dogs try to separate them while feeding. The reasons for this; their dietary needs are different and they require different nutrition, it may happen that your vet might prescribe a special diet for your cat or dog which automatically means one them is not allowed to eat the other one’s food. If you have several dogs, try to feed them in separate rooms, if you also have cats, try to feed them to a higher place where the dogs won’t be able to reach, and always make sure you pick up the remainder of the food.

3. Find Your Vet

All of your pets need at least a yearly check up to the vets, even though they seem fine. To make these trips easier for you, ask the vet if it’s possible to make a mixed check up, so you would take all of them at once.

Photo Credits: Andy Emcee via Flickr

4. Be Tolerant

You may notice that one of your pet is more nervous towards the other, so you will have to work on his behavior to be more tolerant. But remember, you are the pack leader so you are the one making the rules, giving the orders and being consistent with the training. You should never give up.

5. Don’t Stop Sharing Love!

Don’t forget, all of your multiple pets need your love and attention. Try not to make any of them feel left out because they might develop some unwanted habits if they feel lonely. After all, they are all there for loving.

Source & More Info:
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KXhan Investigates

Featured image credits: Carterse via Flickr

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