There Are 5 Cat Personality Types! Which One Is Yours?

It is very important that you understand what type of personality your cat has. It will help you a lot when it comes to understanding what your cat needs and why she behaves the way she does. The 5 cat personality types were actually a result of a research.

This research was done by University of South Australia. More than 3000 parents were interviewed about their cats. The questions were based on outgoingness, dominance, skittishness, friendliness and spontaneity.

According to the following 5 cat personalities you should be able to figure out which one belongs to your cat.

1. The Human

The human cats are the ones who absolutely love attention. What they like doing the most is being around his humans and sleep in your lap or right next to you. As long as they get your attention, they are going to be happy and satisfied.

2. The Skittish Cat

These are the cats who get frightened very easily. They don’t like the company of unknown people since they make them very anxious and they immediately run away. The best you can do to help out these kittens is to give them enough spaces where they can hide, such as cardboard boxes.

3. The Cat’s Cat

These kitties prefer to be surrounded by cats than humans. They are the ones who get along with cats easily and they always love to annoy and groom their siblings.

4. The Inquisitive Type

The inquisitive cats love to be active and going on all sorts of adventures. They are the most curious ones and if they are bored, the furniture around them might suffer. All you need to do with these cats is try to keep them as active as possible and play with them.

5. The Hunter

The hunters love being outdoors where it can chase whatever it wants. They have a special way in which they play with their toys, grabbing it and biting it hard while frantically kicking it at the same time.

What is yours cat personality?

Source: Fact Factories

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