40 Beautiful Cats With the Most Unusual Fur Patterns!

Being eccentric fashion taste today is much appreciated! Animals can have eccentric traits given by the nature. For example, there are a lot of cats that shine in the spotlight with their unusual fur patterns. These patterns can be of different forms, sizes and can be found anywhere on the body.

First, we have the patterns that assume some kind of a shape. For example the shape or heart or moustache or any other form that makes the cat rather unique. The moustache shape sometimes makes them look alike some celebrities. Then there are the patterns that distinguish certain parts of the body, such as tail, ears, eyes, eyebrows, etc.

They may be in one or several colors and make some part of the body more visible. Finally, we have the patterns that cover the whole body. But, they are rare to see and sometimes make the cats look like other animals. Like tigers, for example.

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