4 Times Adopted & Returned! This Demanding Cat Is Just Looking for Love!

James Bean is the name of our leading character in this story. He was adopted many times and been brought back to the shelter because of being a demanding cat.

This tuxedo cat with big green eyes is just too sweet to not be lovable. The shelter’s representatives say that he has been adopted 4 times and brought back with the excuse that he seeks for a lot of attention and cuddling from his humans.

It is obvious that the previous adoptive families didn’t understand the meaning of having a pet at home. You treat the pet like your own child - you don’t get it so it will be a part of your décor. It is for the best that James was returned to the shelter since he hadn’t found love at those homes.

The Demanding Cat Has Found His True Love!

Being a part in his new home now, well for the past two years now, it is all pink and glittery for James, also known as the demanding cat. His human father says that the first time he entered his new home he was ambivalent, didn’t know how to react.

James wasn’t sure if he should relax or stay aside because of the fear of being taken back to the shelter again. Not being sure for his future in his new home, this love demanding cat found a comfort in the laundry hamper where he could snuggle in and feel safe. The laundry hamper is his favorite place even today.

His human father says that James is the most lovable cat and that he really enjoys their hugs and time spent together. Even when he works James is there to keep him company, just staring at him and doing nothing. It is great that this demanding cat finally managed to find the perfect home for himself, where he is not accused of asking for lots of love.

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  1. Who could use an “excuse” like he’s too demanding and needs lots of attention…I only wish I could of been around cos I wonder of given Mr “too demanding” ALL my love and attention. ??

  2. Breaks my heart that he had to endure being punished for being too loveable. I am so thankful that James has found a truly loving home…..the way it should be.

  3. I already have two cats who can be very demanding when it suits them. Nothing wrong with that. I prefer them that way. He would have fitted in well in my house. All the best to James and his new and over lucky human.

  4. So looks like my rescue girl. Once she understood that I was not going to hurt her she was like velcro fastened to me. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting a loving and loyal pet. They are family. Not ornaments.

  5. I have one just like him, and it is wonderful to be so loved, seeking attention! Mine even looks like him 🙂

  6. I have one just like him, and it is wonderful to be so loved and seeking attention!! My boy even looks like him 🙂

  7. Just like all animals and humans in this world! We all just want to be loved! So happy James now has a permanent loving home! ❤️

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