30+ Little Known Facts About Cats That Will Astound You!

Why purring, why her front claws are sharper, what Buddhists think about cats, why they hate water, how many are there… We present you the 33 most interesting facts about cats!

1. An average cat spends two-thirds of the day sleeping, which means that a 9 year old adult cat was awake throughout his/her lifetime for only three years.

2. Female cats are generally right- paw, while males are left- paw.

3. A cat cannot come down the tree with its head forward because each claw on its feet are pointing in the same direction. So, for a cat to come down the tree, it must go first with its behind.

4. During the Cold War in the Dutch Embassy in Moscow, two Siamese cats were constantly meowing and with their paws hitting one particular place on the wall. When they finally explored what is hiding behind the wall, instead of mice they found the KGB microphones. The cats heard every time they were turned on.

5. The oldest pet of these animals has recently been discovered in the 9,500 year-old tomb in Cyprus, which means that it is older than the earliest art of ancient Egypt found before 4,000 years.

6. Cat’s brain is also more like a human’s than dog’s. Both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotions.

7. In the World there are about half a million domestic cats.

8. They can make about a hundred of different sounds. Dogs around ten.

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9. During the Inquisition, Pope Gregory IX had the crazy idea that cats are evil and ordered their liquidation. A direct consequence of this behavior multiplied the number of rats and mice, which contributed to the spreading of the epic Black Plague that killed 200 million people. Cats were thrown from church steeples and bell towers, or on the day of St. John in sacks full of straw on the pyre. All because they have been associated with witchcraft, which is itself is a human superstition.

10. This list of facts about cats continues digging into the history of these adorable animals.

It is believed, the Egyptian Mau is probably the oldest breed of cats and its name in ancient Egyptian literally means “cat”.

11. Cats are the most popular pets in North America and it is believed that there are 73 million, while dogs make 63 million. Three out of five American households own a cat.

12. Cat hears better than a dog. The cat cannot hear high-frequency sounds and two octaves higher than humans.

13. Around 40,000 people are being bitten every year in America by cats.

14. Some cats survive falls from a height of twenty meters, due to the ability to land on their feet.

15. A cat is capable to develop a running speed of 49 kilometers per hour, at closer distances.

16. Cats normally have 12 whiskers on each sides of their face.

17. Cats’ vision is both better and worse than ours. Better is because they can see in the dark and have a wider peripheral vision while worse because they cannot see colors. Scientists believe that cats think the grass is red.

18. The first cat that was supposed to be sent in space was a French male cat named Felix, also called Astrocat. However, this cat managed to escape the experiment, and a replacement was made. In 1963 a female cat Félicette was launched by the French in the cosmos, and electrodes implanted in her brain were sending her neurological signals back to Earth. She survived the trip.

19. They pet with people not only because they love them, but also because they mark their territory.

20. One of the most interesting facts about cats is that scientists still don’t know exactly how cats purr, and why they do it.

21. When the family cat died in Egypt, her human family used to shave the eyebrows, and gave receptions and magnificent funerals during which they drank wine and pounded their chest.

22. In 1888 scientists discovered more than 300,000 mummified cats in an ancient Egyptian cemetery.

23. An average cat can give a birth to a maximum of nine kittens in one delivery. Once one cat gave birth to 19, but only 15 kittens survived.

24. Smuggling cats out of ancient Egypt was a crime punished by death. Phoenicians would smuggle them some time and then they would sell them to wealthy people in Athens and other major cities of the Levant.

25. The oldest known ancestor of today’s cats lived about 30 million years ago, and scientists call it Proailurus, which in Greek means “first dog”. The group of animals that have developed to today’s domestic cats, appeared before about 12 million years ago.

26. Egyptians worshiped a lot of gods, and among them was the goddess Bast who had a body of a woman and head of cat.

27. The biggest wild cat, the Siberian tiger, is 11.8 feet long and weighs around 317 pounds, while the smallest is the Black-footed cat where the females do not exceed a length of 1.6 foot and a weight of 2.6 pounds.

28. Islamic prophet Muhammad loved cats and his favorite was called Muiza. She had the markings like a tiger.

29. Brits (and Australians) see black cat as a sign of happiness, as opposed to the rest of Europe and North America.

30. The most popular race of cats in the world is Persian, followed by Maine coon cat and then comes Siamese.

31. The smallest cats are from the breed Singapura, where an average cat weighs 1.8 pounds, while the biggest cat is the Maine coon cat that weighs 11.3 kilograms, which is twice more than the average.

32. Some Siamese cats appear to be crossed eye because their nerves on the left side of the brain mainly go to the right eye and the right to the left. Therefore, they cross their eyes to correct their vision.

33. This round of facts about cats we finish with their hatred for water. The reason why cats do not like water is because their fur does not take water well. There is one exception and that is the Turkish Van cat who loves to swim because of the unique texture that makes its fur waterproofed. It is an original breed from Central Asia.

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