After Being 30 Years in Captivity, a Rescued Bear Is Finally Free! Her First Reaction…

The past 30 years have been really hard for the rescued bear Fifi that is currently living in The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Life in Captivity…

The conditions in which Fifi and three more bears had to live in were unbearable. Locked in a cage for 30 years definitely made a huge impact on the bear’s appearance, health and behaviour.

The first 10 years of her life Fifi was performing at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania. After the zoo closed down, she was left to spend the next 20 years in a little cage. The rescued bear didn’t have a chance to experience all the things that bears in the wild would experience. Besides not being able to run nor swim probably the worst thing that Fifi was unable to do is hibernate. Hibernation is a very important part of a bear’s life and not being able to do it significantly affects their health.

The Beautiful Transformation of Fifi the Rescued Bear!

After the owner of the bears decided to let go of them, the bears were rescued by PETA and the Wild Animal Sanctuary. In the footage that PETA released the rescued bear looks incredibly skinny and extremely unhappy. After examining her they found that she has arthritis which was untreated for years. This has made Fifi’s her life even more difficult cause she was in constant pain.

Because of the really bad state that Fifi was into they were not sure if she will be able to survive. She was taken into The Wild Animal Sanctuary where surprisingly after 5 months she got completely transformed. She is no longer skinny nor her fur is dull and dirty. She is finally abig beautiful bear that has a good and nutritious diet and her arthritis in getting treated.

Now Fifi and her fellow rescued bears can finally hibernate in their comfortable new dens.

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