3 Blind Cats Were Unwanted for a Long Time Until a Kind Human Stepped in and Adopted Them

Cats which are disabled in any way are usually the ones which stay at the shelters for the longest time. People tend to think that taking care of a disabled cat can be too big of a challenge for them, so they refrain themselves from adopting one. These 3 blind cats were unwanted mostly because of their handicap. Luckily for them there was a human who was touched by their story and wanted to take care of them despite them being unable to see.

When they were just little kittens, they were left by their owner in an old deserted warehouse in Dubai. Their human no longer wanted to have them because they had caught cat flu. Since they didn’t receive any proper treatment, they ended up losing their sight. Fortunately, they were found around Christmas 2014 and brought to a foster home.

One of the cats called Blue was adopted soon after, but it didn’t take long before he got returned. He missed his sisters too much and he kept crying and looking for them.

The 3 Blind Cats Got the Love They Deserve!

Their life changed on the 19th February 2015 when Catherine showed up in their life and decided to adopt Blue, Meadow and Little Willow. She was a bit afraid of how things are going to be since she never cared for blind cats before, but it turned out to be easier than she expected.

She tried her best to keep things around the house in the same place so the 3 blind cats can get used to it. However, she claimed that they can easily adapt to changes. Even though they can’t see they still are just like any other cat which loves to play and be close to her humans. They even get along really well with the rest of the cats that Catherine has.

Photo Credits: Three Blind Cats

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