+20 Advantages of Having a Cat by Lingvistov! Anything to Add?

The 21 benefits of having a cat is a little book by illustrator Lingvistov. He gives us funny insight of why you need a feline in your life.

Every cat lover probably is already aware of these benefits. However, this little book might change the views of those that don’t own cats. Cats are wonderful creatures and it is a shame that not every one gets the chance to share a life with one.

The artist of this book called Landysh is a cat owner and her cat called Augustus has been a wonderful inspiration for this book. Cats can definitely change your life and they make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter is they are bossy and sassy - we love them no matter what.

This book retails for $20 and if you know anyone who would fall in love with it don’t forget to share.

For more info visit the official website of Lingvistov.

Photo Credits: Lingvistov Official FB Page

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