17 Cats With The Most Unique Fur Patterns Ever Seen!

As any other creature in the nature, when you see a cat you immediately recognize it as a nice little feline. Which is not always nice. Or little. However, there are some cats that stand out of the crowd.  Mother Nature made some of them more special and gave them extraordinary markings and fur patterns that made them even more beautiful.

As you will see from the pictures, the fur spots of the cats can sometimes assume a peculiar form and shape. Here ladies and gentleman you can see the cats with most distinctive fur patterns which are so rare to find!

Some of these fur spots are like human tattoos, some of them unique and shows the cat’s temperament, some of them a kind of an eyesore. As you would see from the pictures, some of these fur spots are in a form of a facial feature that makes the cats seem serious, sad or happy.  Some of them have strange fur marks on different parts of the body and with different colors so you can find cats with hearts on their bellies, with animal-shaped colored patterns on their backs, circles around their eyes, etc.

Serious or not, these cats wear their patterns with pride, something that we cannot say when it comes to some people and their tattoos!

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