16 Interesting Facts About Ginger Tabby Cats!

Cats come in a bunch of different colors and sizes. Some can be fluffy long-hair cats while others are short-hair cats. Also, let’s not forget the hairless cats. However, this time we will focus on the ginger tabby cats and present to you some fun facts about them.

1. Even though no one knows exactly why, 80% of ginger cats are actually male.
2. These lovely kitties come in 4 different coat patterns.
3. They get their orange color because of a pigment called pheomelanin.
4. Orange cats can have black freckles on their faces.
5. According to an old tale, orange cats have an M marking on their forehead because Mary kissed a ginger kitty in order to thank her for taking care of her baby Jesus.

6. Winston Churchill had an orange tabby cat named Tango.
7. All ginger tabby cats have different personalities no matter how much they look alike.
8. The orange mackerel tabby cats look like small tigers, even though they have no immediate relation to the big cats.
9. A kitty with just an orange coat doesn’t exist. They always have one of the four patterns.
10. Even though they are mostly orange, some ginger tabbies can be more white than orange.
11. Orange tabby cats are food lovers. This is why they have a tendency to become overweight. They are not picky eaters and will eat almost anything you serve them.
12. The ginger tabby can be found in almost any cat breed.
13. Their life span depends on their breed.

14. Most orange tabbies are friendly, even though some breeds produce tabbies who are not particularly affectionate.
15. They are generally pretty lazy cats who prefer napping and snacking more than anything else.
16. Besides being called orange tabby cats or ginger cats, they are also commonly known as marmalade cats.

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