10 Most Famous Cats from the Past! Politicians, Millionaires, Movie Stars…

Cats have been popular through history for various reasons. Some have been adventurous, others curious and some even scary. The list could go on forever, but we will stick to the crème de la crème, or the 10 most famous cats from the past.

1. Demon Cat

The legend of the demon cat appeared back in the days when people used to use cats to catch rats in the basement tunnels. The demon cat is believed to still reside in the basement crypt of the Capitol - Washington D.C. Here is where that DC abbreviation comes from. It is reported that the cat is fully black and has a size of a domestic cat, but when alerted it grows up to the size of a big tiger. The last time this cat was supposedly spotted was in the 1940s.

2. Tabby - the First White House Cat

Photo Credits: The Animal Rescue Site

The sixteenth president of the USA, Abraham Lincoln, was the first president to bring a cat to the White House. It is reported that the cat participated in the White House dinners and was fed with a golden fork. Lincoln is one of the most popular cat lovers, who on one occasion stated the following about one of his famous cats, “Dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet.”

3. Socks - The Famous Politician

In 1991 a cat was adopted by no other than the Clinton family. After being elected President Bill Clinton, with his family and cat, moved to the White House. Socks was a black and white short-haired cat. Unfortunately, after the family got Buddy, the dog became the principal pet. When the family left the White House, since the pets didn’t get along at all, they left Socks to be taken care of by their secretary.

4. All Ball - Koko’s Kitten

The story of All Ball and Koko is quite touching. All Ball was the cat of the gorilla Koko. Koko was taking care of All Ball and they spent their whole days together. Koko absolutely adored All Ball. Unfortunately, one day the kitten was ran over and when the horrible news was passed to Koko she was devastated. The gorilla expressed her feelings through sign language to her instructor.

5. Muezza - Muhammad’s Cat

Photo Credits: Muslim Heritage

It is believed that the prophet Muhammad had a cat named Muezza. When he was not spreading his religion, he was taking care of his cat. Some stories claim that they shared water and he was so devoted to the cat that when Muezza fell asleep on his robe he cut it to get up just so he doesn’t disturb the cat.

6. FéLicette - the Explorer

Photo Credits: FeLicette

On the 18th of October 1963 the French government space agency sent Félicette into space. She spent 15 minutes there and during this time her natural responses were studied through electrodes that were implanted in her brain. Not every cat gets the chance to spend one of her 9 lives in space.

7. Tommaso - the Millionaire

Photo Credits: One Green Planet

Of course there were famous cats from the past. Did you know that millionaire cats exist? One such cat is Tommaso, and this cat became a millionaire in 2011. After the death of his owner, Tommaso inherited a fortune of around 13 million dollars.

8. Nelson - the Brave

Photo Credits: Flabber

Named after Lord Nelson, this cat was one of the many famous cats that Winston Churchill has had through his lifetime. It was a grey cat that according to him was the bravest cat he has ever met since the moment he saw it chasing out a large dog.

9. Emily - the Sneaky Traveler

We all know how cats like to get themselves in the most random places. Emily is one of those cats that loves to get where she should and shouldn’t be. This curiosity got her on a three week trip through the Atlantic, traveling from Wisconsin to France, in a box of papers. After she was found, though a bit slimmer, but still fine, and identified, she was sent back to her family.

10. Orangey - the Movie Star

Orangey was surprisingly an orange tabby cat that appeared in supporting and leading roles in movies and shows in the 1950s. Her owner was Frank Inn, an animal handler and her most popular role was as Cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Featured image credits: US National Archives via Flickr

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